Monday, November 18, 2019

Business analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business analysis - Essay Example Requirements 7 2.2.2. Concerns of Stakeholders 7 2.3. Confirmation of Results of Elicitation 8 2.3.1. Confirmed Requirements 8 2.2.2. Confirmed Concerns of Stakeholders 8 3. Analysis of Requirements 8 3.6. Requirements Verification 8 References 9 2. Elicitation 2.1. Description of Elicitation Group Preparations 2.1.1. Preparation for Elicitation Scheduled Resources Business needs stem from identified gaps in the current business conditions of the art institute versus its identified long-term goals and objectives. The Brisbane Institute of Art or BIA has identified several strategic goals and objectives that it wishes to pursue moving forward, centering on the need to improve the financial viability of the institute, which in turn depends on improving services quality, student enrollment and retention, and overall satisfaction levels of students and other organization stakeholders, including sponsors and potential new members. The business needs are therefore to be threshed o ut in terms of how the different aspects of the organization's activities, from business processes to systems used to the programs offered, to the tuition and fees and the course schedules, support or hinder the achievement of the long-term goals (International Institute of Business Analysis, 2009, pp. 53-61). The business case is valid, and stems from the institute's need to upgrade its operational capabilities and to improve its general level of business. There are many aspects to those. Among them, identified in the previous section, are manual processes that hinder operational effectiveness, as well as online properties that are based on somewhat antiquated technologies, that require upgrades in order for the institute to improve services to students and subsequently improve enrollment and revenues (International Institute of Business Analysis, 2009, pp. 53-61

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